Hi! I'm Liz. Lover of movement, meditation, laughter, and life's magical synchronicities. Explorer of femininity and the treasures deep within it.

If you ask my mom about me, she would call me her "spirited" child. My creative mind ran the show growing up, occasionally landing me in a bit of trouble (colored walls, broken bones, painting my entire body with nail polish). I had (and still have) a big imagination and a constant curiosity about everything. I spent my childhood exploring the woods behind my home, searching for fairies and walking barefoot in the creek. But growing up within the fast paced life that surrounds the D.C. area, my creativity and playfulness slowly began to take a backseat to societal "expectations".  

Two years ago I made the decision to actively find myself, and bought a yoga mat, a studio membership, and applied for a part time job in a local coffee shop. I dove headfirst into a year of self exploration and immense inner work, and somewhere along the way began a deep healing of my feminine. I discovered my deep passion for creating conversations around femininity, sexuality, shame, triggers, and how we as women can support each other through this exploration of our Feminine Spirit. My work is in sharing the journey of unraveling my own femininity as a way to connect with other women and let them know that we aren’t alone.

Feminine vs. Masculine Energy - And why I created Your Feminine Spirit